Clients like Gatekeeper Business Solutions because our time and attendance software has shown significant success in cost reduction, improved productivity, and helps increase the bottom line!

We were quite apprehensive at first, with many intimidated employees, but we soon realized the timekeeping system is very user friendly. Gatekeeper has the absolute best staff! John was very helpful on the payroll side, Dustin is always very helpful, and Steffany is also very helpful, as well. The Gatekeeper staff is extremely knowledgeable and patient, and makes my job so much easier. As soon as employees surpassed the learning curve, they enjoyed being able to see their PTO days, input PTO and realized it is easier than our old system. The staff at Gatekeeper is second to none. Thank you so much for all of your support.
Human Resource Manager, Hide-A-Way Lake Club
We are very happy moving to Gatekeeper. The transition and training went very smoothly with no issues. We are actually spending LESS time on payroll than we did when we outsourced.
Controller, The Standard Club
My compliments to the Gatekeeper team. Our overall project was performed at a very high level. The training provided was excellent and the Gatekeeper team was always available for support.
Human Resource Manager, Icon Management Services
For more years than I can tell you, I have literally spent hours and days creating schedules from payroll reports. My schedules never, ever balanced back to the books for numerous reasons. Allen Oaks’ last training class was before we started processing the payroll here. They also had one in 2014 and I have been dreading having to work on it. Then the light bulb went off! I had never printed out a report by a certain department but I knew that surely that report was available. After two tries I found it and one hour later, I have a prepared spreadsheet for showing proof of expenses for the nursing home annual cost report (it is for Medicaid and Medicare purposes). Yaaaaay! I told Karen, Thank the Lord for Gatekeeper and I sincerely meant it!
Controller, Investment Strategy Management
I had to process payroll last night, all went smooth thanks to your excellent instructions the last time we trained. I have month end deadlines I need to meet and I’m comfortable with the close process and the software as a whole. Gatekeeper has made a very user friendly product.
HR & Accounting Manager, Crane Creek Country Club
Although we anticipated challenges during setup, we did not experience any. The training period was thorough and our unique payroll needs were addressed within the same day. All in all very happy.
Controller, Glen Eagle Golf & Country Club
Our Gatekeeper payroll installation went extremely well. The process was seamless and the payroll system is so user friendly, the general managers are using it.
HR Director, Vestavia Country Club
Integration efficiencies, enhanced reporting capabilities, a reduction in labor costs and user-friendly applications are the key benefits in selecting Gatekeeper over other software options or outsourcing. The Gatekeeper payroll provides complete federal and state tax reporting, 401-K export, general ledger interface, and a seamless/integrated entry point with the time & attendance module.
Controller, The Country Club of Louisiana
I have been through four time keeping systems in the last 4 years and this is the first system that does everything I want it to do and is the most user friendly for not only myself but for my managers. I have finally been able to concentrate on other job duties besides ongoing time clock issues. Brothers Produce has already noticed reduced time spent weekly on payroll because managers are able to monitor the times in a much easier way.
Director of Human Resources, Brothers Produce
The system has reduced our payroll processing time and costs dramatically and also helped us to maintain compliance with all Federal and state payroll-related laws and requirements. Its reporting features are easy to use and allow access to employee and payroll data quickly in a variety of formats. I would recommend Gatekeeper to any company that is in the market for a more efficient and accurate way to track time and attendance and process payroll for any number of employees.
Vice President, Vista Building Maintenance
At our Club we installed the Gatekeeper labor management software with hand scan terminals enabling us to better control payroll costs, eliminate buddy punching and give department heads the information on their desktops on a daily basis to better manage their labor expense.
Chief Financial Officer, Bay Colony Golf Course
The results of a 14 month Department of Labor audit were in favor of our club due to accurate and secure timekeeping records retained in the Gatekeeper biometric system.
Controller, Frenchman's Reserve Country Club
Always a great experience with Gatekeeper, love the webinars.
Assistant Controller, Addison Reserve Country Club