Announcement-Beginning in July, Gatekeeper is partnering with a leading third party administrator, BASIC to acquire our business, and continue the caring service and core values we exemplify at Gatekeeper Business Solutions.  We are transitioning (selling) the business and the associated support of our software for your Payroll and Timekeeping to BASIC, headquartered in Michigan.  BASIC is an established company for 27 years as a software and business services provider of a full range of HR compliance and administrative services for employee benefits. With over 10,000 clients and a “customer first” culture, it is a growing company who is well positioned for the future with 6 service centers and 15 sales locations across the U.S.  .

Your support will continue in the same way it has in the past.  BASIC is assuming the staff and facility in Nixa, Missouri as an important part of their employee Team. So, please continue to use your same contacts and relationships at Gatekeeper.  One of the first things BASIC will do immediately following the sale transaction (July 5th) is to brief all of the Gatekeeper Team on what changes to expect (if any) and to answer your individual questions.  So, again, please continue “business as usual” in your relationship with Gatekeeper/BASIC.

The sale transaction is scheduled to occur on June 30, 2016.   Someone from BASIC will be contacting you via email or phone to explain how the transition will work.  You can find more about BASIC at